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Networking for a Cause

Grow Your Business While Helping Others

Do You Own a Small Business?

Ever Considered Raising Money for a Charity
as a Means of Growing Your Business?

Businesses that are involved with local charitable events are among the most recognized and respected in the community.

The public will see your business as philanthropic. But, it’s the contacts you make during the events that make the biggest difference. They not only bring in money for your chosen charity, but they also bring in new referral business and sales.

3 out of every 4 Americans say CAUSE BRANDING is important when they decide where they shop
and which products & services they recommend to others.

Businesses that support a Charitable Cause experience a boost to their bottom line through Increased:
Sales, Customer Loyalty, Consumer Brand Awareness, Referrals, and Improved Employee Morale and Loyalty.

The Cone/Duke University School of Business Behavioral Cause Study finds a strong link between cause-related marketing and consumer choice. Cause-related marketing can increase sales as much as 74% in certain consumer-goods categories.

Connecting For Charities Institute

Provides training and consulting that assists you in getting the most benefit possible for your business while fundraising for your favorite charity.

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The “SECRET SAUCE” Details:


Getting the most effective marketing and publicity for your business and your event.


9 out of 10 Americans want businesses to tell them the ways they are supporting Causes.

The Cone/Duke University study revealed that people spend twice as long reviewing Cause-related ads verses regular ads.


Hosting charity fundraising events everyone loves with multiple streams of funding to maximize the money raised for your Cause.


Networking that builds lasting connections and drives direct and referral sales to your business.

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Step 2: Get Training and Consulting for the Event
that is Best for Your Team and Charity